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About me 

I, Elmarie Joubert, am excited to welcome you to my playroom. With 15 years of experience working with children, I'm looking forward to spending time with toddlers, young children, teenagers and adults alike.
My background includes training in psychology, teaching, Montessori and genetics. Having owned my own baby playgroup and  Montessori pre-school, I learned a lot about babies and toddlers, also those who were adopted and had difficulties growing up right from the get-go. I have experience teaching at both primary and secondary schools. And having homeschooled my own daughters for 12 years and still going, I have seen it all.
My training at the University of Pretoria included psychology and genetics. I also worked as a geneticist at the very beginning of my career. Having faced my own challenges in life, it is now time for a new chapter and I am learning and growing day by day. 


I believe in the beauty in every person. Everyone has true potential, and the ability to bloom and become their best self. Through hard work and great courage, we will reach clients' full potential and inspire them to become outstanding, whole, people. 


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